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Oct 12, 2022

We're closing enrollment on Friday for next week's Coaching Evolutionary OKRs course, so if you're looking for OKR Coach training before the end of the year, act quickly (or drop me a note, and I'll let you know when we plan our next cohort). And if a short course is more your style, that's coming this November!

After years of focusing on deep-dive training for leaders & teams in goal-oriented organizations, I'm VERY excited to be launching a short course on efficient Objective and Key Result (OKR) creation next month!

In this one week, three session (60-90 min each) cohort-based course, you'll learn our intuitive approach to creating useful, impactful OKRs quickly and efficiently, so you can get to the work of achieving them as rapidly as possible!

This quick episode gives a few more details about that class (as well as some other ways to work with me to get ready for your 2023 reset). If you'd like to join the no-obligation waitlist for No BS OKRs, you can find more information here: