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Feb 1, 2022

By this point in the year -- 1/3 of the way through Q1 -- many of us have already abandoned any New Years Resolutions we set -- and in our work lives, we may still be digging out from year-end, having missed a month of achievement toward our 2022 goals. We're not going to start with goal-setting today -- most of you have already done that step. Instead, we're going to learn a bit more about the types of goals you've set already, and share a few simple steps to help you get your goal achievement plan on track. I'll share a few words and meanings that are helpful for shared understanding when we're working with goals, and then share a step-by-step from Michael B. Stanier's book, "The Coaching Habit," which I find helpful for scaffolding the step we often miss: actually planning the behavior change necessary to achieve the goals we set. 

Show notes and a transcript, as well as contact information if you have questions, are available at