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Oct 31, 2023

One of the first jobs to be done when implementing (or rebooting) OKRs is to identify how they fit into an organization’s existing planning “stack” and get clear about what job they’re being hired to do.

This episode is based on chapter three of Sara Lobkovich’s upcoming book, The Evolutionary OKRs Playbook, which focuses on what is possible with Evolutionary OKRs®.

You’ll be introduced to the first of three models that Sara uses every day in her work with organizations implementing OKRs: the Connected Strategic® Implementation Stack. You’ll learn about each layer of this stack, how it applies to individual projects and initiatives, why some organizations may struggle with OKRs, and why you don’t necessarily need to have every element in the stack present to be successful.

Today’s episode offers you a chance to reflect on your organization's Strategic Stack, what elements might be most important to prioritize to increase shared meaning and understanding, and what elements you might want to consider adding to increase your organization’s strategic alignment and impact.

Be sure to stay tuned for future episodes on the other two models: Connected Strategy on a Page and OKR Maturity! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  •   Why it’s important to identify how OKRs fit into an organization’s existing planning stack.
  •   Three models to consider, starting with the Connected Strategic Implementation Stack.
  •   Unpacking each layer of the stack: strategic input, North Star Metrics, and more.
  •   Some of the typical sources of aversion to OKRs that Sara sees in organizations.
  •   Defining mandatory commits, health watch measures, and stretch goals.
  •   How delivery fits into the Connected Strategic Implementation Stack.
  •   Why you don’t need to tick every box in this stack in order to be successful.
  •   Stay tuned for more on the Connected Strategy on a Page and OKR Maturity models!

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